Multi factor authentication with
biometrics in ISOLATION

Multi factor authentication


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Your Biometric Login

Your Biometric

Multi factor authentication
Identity & Access Management Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management

Controlling access to critical corporate data and applications

Biometrics in Isolation Biometrics in Isolation

Biometrics in Isolation

Biometric fingerprint and voice capture, match and authentication in isolation using eSecure element with EAL 6+

Multi Factor Authentication Multi Factor Authentication

Multi Factor Authentication

Management and access control with multi factor & biometric authentications verified through a secure encrypted interface

Payment Verification Payment Verification


Personal eIDentity verification provides a higher level of authorization for secure financial transactions

Secure your eIDentity with uBolt

Self-Sovereign eIDentity

Secure your eIDentity with uBolt TM

  • Embedded private key storage in uBolt secure element
  • Fingerprint enrollment with eIDentity stored only in uBolt secure element
  • Key generation using a secure encrypted link
  • Transaction signing and authorization
  • Wireless access control with Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Crypto currency pass phrase storage

Our Mission

Our mission is to help enterprises secure their environments by providing another layer of security with multi-factor authentication and biometrics for individuals personal identification and authorization.


Who We Are

uConekt IDentity technologies, services & expertise enables innovative solutions using wearable devices to create a secure environment for those exposing their personally identifiable information (PII), or sensitive personal information (SPI) to external programs and services. Using biometric multi factor authentication (MFA), users can protect their personal eIDentities when performing access control, payments, storing crypto currency, transportation, loyalty, eHealth & other transactions.


Our Vision

uConekt’s objective supports its vision by working to provide multi factor authentication (MFA) solutions using biometric modalities on trusted devices so businesses can protect their clients’ personal eIDentities with the full benefits of frictionless transactions.